Letter to our customers

Hello from Kindred!

We hope this note finds you well.

As a Mennonite Brethren organization, we have an essential value of relationship and connection. For many, 2020 has reminded us that there are many things we can live without, but our relationships are not one of them.

We are viewing this season as an opportunity. The pace of 2020 has caused us to turn inward. It has slowed us down enough to look into the warehouse and take stock. What are our strengths? Where are our weaknesses? What will our future look like and in what ways do we want to shape it? We have identified some of these things, but we are not rushing the process of assessing and shoring up our foundation.

All of this work has you, our supporters, and our customers, at the forefront. We are so grateful every time you choose us, and we want that appreciation to show! We realize that we have not always expressed our gratitude for you, and we are genuinely sorry where this has been true.

This note is to tell you that we are changing.

So THANK YOU for your support, whether you are a subscriber to our Rejoice! Devotional, an avid reader of the Direction Journal or anything in between. We remain committed to our calling of providing you with Mennonite Brethren resources.


All (two) of us at Kindred.