Alone: A Search for Joy


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Alone: A Search for Joy is the story of how Katie Funk Wiebe found strength to survive the loneliness and loss of identity that comes with widowhood. Her husband died of a rare disease, leaving her with four young children in a strange, new community. She was alone. How could she cope?

This book is her story. She found a new life beyond widowhood, a new profession, and a new assurance that God cared, and that He wanted her to make a contribution to society.

Here is a practical help and encouragement from someone who knows that God cares for the widows and the fatherless. here is encouragement for all who walk the single path in today’s society.

Katie Funk Wiebe has written numerous books and magazine articles. She was a regular contributor to The Christian Leader. She also taught English and journalism at Tabor College, Hillsboro, Kansas.

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