Description of a Growing Disciple Check Up – Hard Copy


Am I A Growing Disciple?


What is my next step in becoming more like Jesus?

There’s nothing like a check-up to help us feel good about our health and point out areas that need some attention. The DGD Check-Up is the latest in the line of DGD resources, based on the Description of a Growing Disciple brochure. This short, easy-to-use tool gives you a perspective on how you’re doing: Are you a growing disciple? Where do you want to focus some effort for future growth?

Like any evaluation piece, this guide is merely a beginning point. In the company of a friend, mentor or small group, listen to what God is saying and see where he might be inviting you to grow.

For use in conjunction with other DGD materials, the Check Up allows you to take a look at your life, characteristics and growth areas to see if you really are growing as a follower of Jesus.

An electronic PDF version of the Check-Up is also available.

Other DGD Resources:
* Being With Jesus – a personal devotional guiding you through each quality
* A Lifelong Apprenticeship – Small Group workbook
* Description of a Growing Disciple – bundle of 50 pamphlets discussing each quality.
* DGD Plan for Adult Ministries – helping you create a framework for your ministry.

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