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Millard C. Lind has taught the book of Ezekiel for thirty years in seminary and in the church. He skillfully expounds the prophet’s message about God’s presence, covenant, victorious rule, concern for the nations, and cleansing for worship and obedience.

“Clear, concise, critically responsible, and informed by a deeply felt pastoral concern. Lind writes from a free-church perspective and helps to bring alive the prophet’s message of judgment and salvation for readers of different backgrounds who are trying to make Christian Community a reality in their own lives.” -Joseph Blenkinsopp, John A O’Brien Professor, Biblical Studies, University of Notre Dame

“Theological perspective informed by penetrating analysis of history and awareness of how human power and divine power work. Accessible and clearly written, it helps us understand both Ezekiel and God’s ways.” -Alan Kreider, Regent’s Park College, Oxford, England

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