Mennonite stories of faith and survival in Stalin’s Russia

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An unprecedented economic prosperity; a cultural renaissance with a broad based commitment to schools and study; a vigorous colonization in the direction of northern and eastern frontiers; a revitalization of traditional Mennonite piety – for the Russian Mennonites of the early twentieth century these were the components of a “golden age.”

They were a confident, self-reliant and often proud people. They felt at home in Russia even though they spoke a foreign language and practiced an alien culture and religion. Nothing in their past experience prepared them for the cataclysmic changes which enveloped them following the Bolshevik Revolution late in 1917.

This book contains four stories of survival during this horrendous time. The storytellers, Anna, Justina, Abram and Aron, believed in a loving God who cared about humankind. Through the tumultuous days of Stalin’s reign of terror they found themselves in many life-threatening circumstances where God appeared not to care. All four persons struggled with doubt, fear and despair. Like Job of old, they questioned God and like him they also affirmed faith. -from the preface

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