Listening to the Spirit in the Text



Listening to the Spirit in the Text by Gordon D. Fee

Gathered here are twelve of Fee’s most insightful studies, each of which demonstrates the art of attending to the biblical text critically yet with a deep spiritual sensitivity. Exploring the crucial relationship between Scripture, spirituality, and church life, these chapters cover a wide range of relevant topics; how to be a “trinitarian Christian,” the New Testament’s view of wealth and possessions, gender issues, worship, speaking in tongues, the church’s global mission, and more.

Clear, enjoyable, and imbued with a scholarly passion for the living Word of God, this book will be read with profit by anyone concerned with the role of Scripture in contemporary Christian life.

GORDON D. FEE is professor of New Testament studies at Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to his many highly respected commentaries and biblical studies, he is also the author of Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God; Gospel and Spirit;  and (with Douglas Stuart) How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.

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