Tomorrow When I’m Big



On the night before her birthday, a little girl worries about becoming “big” and leaving home. Her grandmother asks, “Do you think, little one, that you could still be you, and do the things you like to do when you are big?”

“Maybe I can! Maybe I will!” the little girl responds. Her imagination then takes her to Guatemala where she dreams of helping:

When someone’s very hungry, I will bring them yummy food …

When someone has no words, I will learn new ways to listen …

And when someone needs a home, I will invite them into mine,

or together we will build their very own.


This warmly illustrated book is a good birthday gift, helping a child envision a joyful future alongside friends of diverse colours and abilities, each serving the other. Looking for the dove on every page, each one contemplates

“Whatever you have done for even the littlest of these …

you have done it for me” (Matt 25:34-40).

As part of a Missions and Peace-making curriculum in Sunday school and (home)school, children create their own picture and story ideas based on the book’s poetic patterning. For illustrations, the captivating true story behind the story, and the project helping Guatemalan children with disabilities that this book supports, visit its Facebook page ( or write Dorothy Peters at

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