A Lifelong Apprenticeship


Study Guide for Growing Disciples


The goal of A Lifelong Apprenticeship is to bring focus, or refocus to the understanding of discipleship so that following after Jesus becomes an all-encompassing life purpose.

Discipleship is cultivating a relationship with God: aligning with his values, loving him and his ways, and learning to walk with him through all of life. It is like a lifelong apprenticeship. One particular emphasis of this study guide is to help deepen this relationship with Jesus, the one who knows how to best form a mature disciple.

This study is a guide for believers who want to explore what it means to be Growing Disciples, together. Each session is an introduction to one of the six qualities of a growing disciple, as outlined in the Description of a Growing Disciple Brochure. Along the way, a series of spiritual disciplines for individual and group practice will be introduced. Interactive group sessions take the transformational approach of listening to scripture together. A leaders guide is included.

Other Resources:
* DGD Plan for Adult Ministries
* Description of a Growing Disciple – 50 pamphlets
* Being With Jesus – devotional
* DGD Check Up – See how you’re doing as a growing disciple

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