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Close To Home Series

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Finding hope after despair

After “Gary’s” heart surgery, he struggled with many conflicting feelings. He knew he would need to change his diet, do cardiac rehabilitation, and take several medications indefinitely. He wanted to “get back to normal.” Yet, try as he might, he still felt extremely tired and blue – as if he was going through life in a fog.

Gary’s young adult daughter, living with his ex-wife in a different city, had stayed with him for a week after the surgery and would phone occasionally, but she seemed far off. Old friends called and asked him to lunch, but he said he was “catching up.” Gary often went to sleep watching television. When he went to bed, he tossed and turned for hours, feeling hopeless and unsettled, and he couldn’t figure out why. . . .

What is depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a person to feel sad or hopeless for an extended time. It can occur in anyone – men, women, teens, children and the elderly. If you have symptoms of depression, you are not alone. At least 15 per cent of North Americans will have depression at some point in their lives.

The Close to Home series is designed to help Christian caregivers invite others to journey toward wholeness.

Ways to use the booklets:

* Offer them and discuss them in your pastoral care visits.
* Display them in the church foyer, counseling office, or even a restroom.
* Give them to loved ones of those who suffer, so that they can be informed.
* Distribute them as conversation-starters for adult education or support groups.

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