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Can this marriage survive?

As Christy dragged herself out of bed, her body felt heavy and her spirits were low. Jack was already off to work. Christy was heartsick with the memory of last night’s fight. Had she really said those terrible things? Had Jack really looked at her with those cold eyes? Was their marriage ending?

At work, Jack struggled to concentrate. He knew that things weren’t the greatest at home, but had not been prepared for last night’s explosion. Christy had erupted in a startling and disturbing way, shattering the calm of their quiet home. What had set her off? He couldn’t even remember. She spoke so loudly and harshly that he couldn’t hear her words or catch her meaning . . .

Marriages can become strained . . .

The book of Genesis poetically describes the process of marriage by telling how people leave their parents and “become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). But many couples find that marriage is hard work, and the steps of leaving one’s parents and uniting with one’s spouse can easily deteriorate into mistrust, blaming, and withdrawal. . . .

. . . but they can be restored to health

Does this describe your marriage? Fortunately, there is hope. As it did for Christy and Jack, marital discord can point you to the need to seek positive change. Challenging as it may be to stay married or to rebuild a relationship that has become strained, help is available. . . .

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