Demons Lies & Shadows


A Plea For A Return To Text And Reason

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We occupy a friendly universe! It takes a biblical worldview to accept this fact. Pierre Gilbert takes us into biblical reflections that anchor this excellent treatment of demonic warfare. Common fears and misconceptions of demonic powers are addressed. His use of the “James Protocol” is an important application and guide for Christians who face the dilemma of demonic oppression versus mental illness. I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially church leaders and missionaries.
– David Wiebe, ICOMB

Professor Pierre Gilbert has written a most enlightening book on dark matters: demonic warfare. His expose of the ideological underpinnings of the spiritual warfare camp will startle readers. His major contribution is to show how the main ideas by “specialists” on spiritual warfare emerge more from ancient Babylonian, Canaanite and Egyptian beliefs than from the Bible. Gilbert makes a compelling case, largely from the foundational biblical view of God in the world (Genesis 1-3) and rightly insists that demons, which he believes are real, have minimal powers. The work, conversational in tone, benefits from the author’s doctoral research on curses, his rich grasp of Scripture and his knowledge of the pertinent literature. His challenge to the movement is bold, and right on! Pastors, missionaries, and lay persons will benefit from his fresh insights as did I. Certainly not boring, this book is instructive, practical in its suggestions, and above all liberating in its message.
– Elmer A. Martens, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, MB Biblical Seminary, Fresno, CA

It Is alarming, when in the church; biblical text and sound reasoning seem radical. Demons, Lies and Shadows is must reading for all pastors who are concerned about a healthy spirituality for those they pastor. Pierre Gilbert strikes at the heart of the devil’s power (which is his slanderous deceit and murderous lies) by calling us back to the biblical text to stimulate our thinking and cause us to question what worldview we have embraced. Pierre’s words are a strong reminder to us of how deceitful and cunning our adversary truly is. This is a humbling but timely message for the church today.
– Eric M. Nelson, Pastor DeltaLife Foursquare Church, Fresno CA


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