God Among Us


Studies in the Gospel of John

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The Gospel of John may be the most influential book of the New Testament. In the introduction, Ray states “The way this Gospel tells the story of Jesus is inseparable from what is being said about Jesus. Thus, the reader is encouraged to hear the text anew and to resist the temptation to reduce its meaning to points and propositions.”
This Gospel is like a stream of various depths. The recent convert encounters the person of Christ and the mature disciple finds depths in John that enrich, inspire and challenge faith.

Written in narrative style, Ray Bystrom explores and expounds on the Gospel of John, building a bridge between the original context of the Gospel and our own day. The book is divided into two parts consisting of 12 chapters each. Every chapter explains the text, has a section called Application, Teaching/Preaching Points and ends with provoking reflection questions.

Luminaire Studies are designed for the discerning reader and student of the Scriptures. Besides providing good insights for personal study, these books are useful as group studies for classroom and small groups.

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