God Never Meant for Us to Die


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God Never Meant for Us to Die – Pierre Gilbert

The most incisive indictment against Christianity resides in the notion of a God who created a world in which there is untold suffering and death. Is this the best God could do?

In response, most Christians will mutter something about free will or the necessity of evil to bring about God’s plan for humanity. Theologians often reply by challenging the very legitimacy of the question; God only requires that we persevere. Biblical scholars, who might otherwise be expected to offer a scriptural perspective, nervously denounce any suggestion that the presence of evil may have had something to do with a primordial couple and a fruit tree.

Is it any wonder that most people believe that evil must surely be an intractable component of human existence introduced, perhaps, by the very God Jews and Christians worship?
This book is a response to the problem of evil that unconditionally affirms the goodness and power of God. Based on a new assessment of the Genesis creation story, one of the greatest texts ever to have emerged in human history, the author contends that God never intended for humanity to experience suffering and death.

PIERRE GILBERT is Associate Professor of Bible and theology at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg (Canada). He is the author of Demons, Lies & Shadows (2008).

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