The Mystery of the Kingdom


Studies in the book of Matthew


Matthew’s Gospel bridges the Old (the story of God’s chosen people Israel) and the New (the story of God’s chosen people, the church) Testaments. It relates many details concerning Jesus’ origin, birth and identity. It includes five of Jesus’ major speeches – the Sermon on the Mount, Mission, Parables of the Kingdom, Relationships in the Church, and the End Times – as well as numerous other teachings and dialogues. It recounts a large number of miracles and other events in Jesus’ life and, as in all the Gospels, a detailed passion and resurrection story. The Gospel ends with the great commission as Jesus passes his authority on to his apostles and, through them, to the Christian church.

Word Wise units are interactive studies designed to help people know and experience the God of salvation history, to equip people through Bible-based spiritual formation and to get people into the Word, challenging them to integrate the truth of Scripture with their contemporary situation.

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