The Voice of a Writer: Honoring the Life of Katie Funk Wiebe


This collection of essays provides a thoughtful reflection on the significance of Katie’s writing and her contribution to the life of the church.


For more than fifty years, Katie Funk Wiebe has given voice to her thoughts while sitting alone at her typewriter. She has been particularly adept at opening up her life to others and “wrapping words” around her questions, doubts, and struggles. In doing so, she invites her readers not only to listen but to recognize themselves in her stories.

Katie Funk Wiebe – author, editor, essayist, columnist, speaker, preacher, pioneer, prophet, provocateur, widow, woman, feminist, leader, mother, biographer, autobiographer, influential Mennonite – this collection celebrates these and more but above all – disciple of Jesus. We too do well to ask, as did her daughter, What would Katie do? – Lynn Jost, President, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary

This collection glows with the gifts of Katie’s vibrant life among us, an energy which nurtured me deeply as I ventured into my own writing. I read these tributes with gratitude for the thousand ways in which she blessed us, her strong columns holding up a high standard for honesty of spirit and language. Here is a treasure which we must pass on to the next generation with hope that the gifts of women will one day be embraced in the church. – Jean Janzen, poet, author of Piano in the Vineyard and Paper House.


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