Turning the World Upside Down


Studies in the Acts of the Apostles

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The Acts of the Apostles is an action-oriented story. It is the record of primitive Christianity, our only description of the origin and development of the church.

Acts is a book of historical foundations, a book of the church, a book of world mission and a book of the Holy Spirit. Though we live a world much different from that of the first century, Acts is filled with principles applicable to churches and individual Christians today. Edmund Janzen states, “ if the Book of Acts were missing from the New Testament, there would be a major vacuum in our understanding of God’s redemptive purposes.”

The central message of Acts is that God restored his kingdom in the Messiah, Jesus, and that the kingdom is open to all who receive him, whether Jew or Gentile.

Luminaire Studies are designed for the discerning reader and student of the Scriptures. Besides providing good insights for personal study, these books are useful as group studies for classroom and small groups.

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