Being with Jesus


Devotions for a growing disciple


Jesus invites us to come to a quiet place, to rest a while, to spend time with him. In the busyness of life, often the external turmoil and noise overshadow the internal peace and silence we crave.

The devotionals in the book invite you to:

-seek God more deeply, passionately and fully

-better understand what it means to be a growing disciple of Christ

-live out the Scripture in your everyday life

-be captivated and committed; thriving and thirsting; bonded and building; inviting and influencing; discerning and disarming; purposeful and persevering

Narrative based, these devotionals provoke understanding, contemplation and the desire to grow. Several questions accompany the narrative to help you reflect on what you have read. Each day ends with a prayer to guide you back to God’s presence – the best place for a growing disciple to be.

Other Resources:
* DGD Plan for Adult Ministries
* Description of a Growing Disciple – 50 pamphlets
* A Lifelong Apprenticeship – Small Group workbook
* DGD Check Up – See how you’re doing as a growing disciple

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