Getting a Grip


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Getting a Grip seeks to help you discover the basic principles of managing your resources and to help you live in freedom and generosity within these principles, using the gifts God has entrusted to you.

It is a paradox that within our affluent Canadian culture many Christians live under the stress of a serious financial burden. Our society often measures us by our possessions and life-style. Subtle social pressures urge us to live at unrealistic levels, given our present income. As a result, many of us fall into the trap of easy credit and the illusion of affluence made possible by spending today what we hope to earn tomorrow. Too much debt takes the joy out of generosity and makes it difficult to save for future needs.

This booklet is intended to help you avoid financial entrapment. You will be challenged to set goals that reflect God’s leading in your life and to order your affairs to effectively pursue these goals. This booklet will be most useful in a small group setting. It can also be used as a personal study guide.

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