Good News for All People


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“Watch out Rome, the Christians are coming! Your powerful armies, your so-called Pax Romana – these are no match for the power of love and self-sacrifice that Jesus unleashed when he came to bring God’s salvation, establish God’s reign, and send his followers into the world to proclaim and to embody the greatest news the world has ever known. No earthly kingdom can stand in the face of such good news.”

So we might summarize the message of Luke’s Gospel. It is a message that spreads hope, that transforms life. And it speaks as powerfully to the downtrodden, to the empires, and to the ordinary folk of our world as it did 2000 years ago. We are invited to listen, to study, and to pass on the good news. It also has the power to change our world.

Good News for All People follows the Luminaire Studies pattern of recording The Text (NIV), identifying the literary form and train of thought in The Flow and Form of the Text, exploring and expounding on this passage in The Text Explained, building a bridge between the original context of Romans and our own day in the Application, Teaching/Preaching Points and provoking reflection in the Personal Reflection questions.

Luminaire Studies are designed for the discerning reader and student of the Scriptures. Besides providing good insights for personal study, these books are useful as group studies for classroom and small groups.

About the Author

Tim Geddert is professor of New Testament at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary in Fresno, California. Tim grew up in Canada. He studied in Hepburn and in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; in Fresno, California; and in Aberdeen, Scotland. In addition, he has lived in Germany and served as Bible teacher in many other countries. His passion is to teach the New Testament, especially the Gospels. He counts it a special privilege to be invited to write commentaries on his two favorite Gospels, Mark (Believers Church Bible Commentary) and now Luke (Luminaire Studies).

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