Holy Living


Studies in Deuteronomy


In Deuteronomy, Moses reviews the history of God and the Israelites, beginning with the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He highlights God’s provision for them as they gained freedom from Egypt and then wandered in the wilderness for forty years. Moses carefully explains the significance of reentering into a covenant with God. He recites the Ten Commandments, reviews the other 613 or so commands dealing with socio-economic matters, and thoroughly examines the blessings and curses that accompany loyalty or disloyalty to God.

This study takes participants through the entire book of Deuteronomy, exploring the implications of Moses’ message for the people in his time and highlighting its relevance for holy living in the current age.

Word Wise units are interactive studies designed to help people know and experience the God of salvation history, to equip people through Bible-based spiritual formation and to get people into the Word, challenging them to integrate the truth of Scripture with their contemporary situation.

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