The Power of God in a Broken World


Studies in Ephesians

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The hope that Paul offers for the needs of a broken world lies in the active power of God. This power of God, able to meet the needs of today, is the basic thesis of Penner’s study of Ephesians.

He sees the power of God at work through the believer as the prominent theme, as indicated by Paul in Ephesians 1:18 and 19. If the Christian gospel promises great power and spiritual strength to its adherents, why then do many Christians bemoan their lack of strength to obey Christ? The study of Ephesians serves as a stimulus to pursue God earnestly so that he can enable us with his power.

Luminaire Studies are designed for the discerning reader and student of the Scriptures. Besides providing good insights for personal study, these books are useful as group studies for classroom and small groups.

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