Shine: Living in God’s Light


Shine: Living in God’s Light

Kindred Productions is pleased to announce that Menno Media and Brethren Press will be releasing a new Sunday School curriculum called Shine in the Fall of 2014! Shine is centered on Bible stories and is easy to use. The curriculum is based on the theology that children are partners in ministry and emphasizes thoughtful theology and reflection at the end of each lesson. Publishers will be producing new material every year in order to keep the lessons fresh and respond to user feedback in an ongoing way.

Shine is the resource teachers, pastors, and congregations need to transform Sunday school into a time of nurturing faith and experiencing God’s love. Curriculum includes tips from experienced teachers and questions for reflection.

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To view a 3 year outline, click an age group below:

Early Childhood

Primary, Middler, Junior Youth

Biblical Themes Chart


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