Encountering Jesus


Studies in the Book of John

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John has been called the “maverick gospel,” and anyone who compares it with the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke will agree. Unlike the other three gospels, John has omitted the story of Jesus’ birth and genealogy, he tells few parables and speaks little of exorcisms or giving specific instruction for Christian living. It is as if nothing else really matters except that we believe Jesus is the Word of God in the flesh, the Son of God, the promised Messiah.

The whole gospel of John can be looked at as if it is a bizarre court proceeding in which Jesus, the Word and Wisdome of God, is on trial. As evidence is heard, the reader, like a juror, is confronted with burning questions: Whom should I believe? What should I believe? Is the accused guilty or innocent? Strangely, in the end our verdict will determine our destiny, not the defendant’s.

What does the Gospel of John offer 21st century readers? Firstly, it is a book of reaasurance that Jesus is who he claimed to be. Secondly, it challenges its readers to live as disciples, love one another as friends and commit to Jesus without reservation.

Word Wise units are interactive studies designed to help people know and experience the God of salvation history, to equip people through Bible-based spiritual formation and to get people into the Word, challenging them to integrate the truth of Scripture with their contemporary situation

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